We rise to the challenge of an ever-changing regulatory landscape

Blue Frog Scientific understands the importance of well-designed and timely executed programs for ensuring regulatory compliance

Blue Frog Scientific has been providing scientific and regulatory affairs support to the chemical industry for over a decade.  We continue to work with our Clients to overcome the challenges set by the implementation of the EU and UK REACH and CLP Regulations, developing strategies for cost-efficient compliance with regulatory requirements.  Given the relative infancy of these new European chemical control regulations, the landscape of regulatory compliance in the European Union has been evolving at an accelerated rate, so it is imperative that regulatory movements are followed and implemented in a timely manner.  

We offer a comprehensive range of services to EU, UK, and international chemical companies, covering all aspects of registration under REACH and compliance with CLP.

Our team has particular experience dealing with complex substances (e.g. multi-constituents or UVCBs) and substances with properties that make testing and chemical safety assessment a very challenging process.  Dealing with such difficult substances requires expert knowledge, experience and forethought applied from the very start of a registration programme, right through to submission and post-submission processes such as compliance check and evaluation.  Any weaknesses in the quality of data generated for substances can lead to major uncertainties in complying with data requirements and successful chemcial safety assessment.

The way we work with Clients is defined by their needs. For some Clients this means taking overall management of the project, for others taking responsibility of individual parts.

Core activities include:

Scientific Consultancy

  • Regulatory testing design and study monitoring (GLP)
  • Intelligent testing strategies
  • Environmental fate and ecotoxicology
  • Environmental hazard and risk assessment
  • Toxicology
  • Human health hazard and risk assessment
  • PBT assessment
  • Compilation of dossiers and expert reports

Regulatory Affairs

  • REACH compliance strategies
  • Project management
  • Product defence
  • Consortium and task force management
  • Only Representation of non-EU chemical companies under REACH


"We rise to the challenge of an ever-changing regulatory landscape"

Dr. Damien Carson


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