Read-across and Nanomaterials

Dr. Kai Paul gives a well-received oral presentation on “Considering the use of Read-Across for Nanomaterials in REACH” to interested steakholders, academics and regualtory bodies at the 12th International Conference on the Environmental Effects of Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials (ICEENN). For more information on the topic contact Kai.

Blue Frog Acts as an Expert Panelist for the Categorisation of the Next Generation of Nanomaterials

Dr. Kai Paul was part of the expert panel invited to lead discussions on “New approaches to categorization” as part of the “Categorisation of the Next Generation of Nanomaterials: Creating A Vision”.  The workshop lead the way for idea and thought generation for a categorization conference as part of Future Nano Needs project (

ECHA releases guidance for using QSARs and Read-Across Strategies under REACH

EHCA releases an appendix specific for nanomaterials guidance on “QSARs and grouping of chemicals (Chapter R.6)” and “Endpoint specific guidance (Chapter R.7a-c)” Further nano-specifc appendices to specific R-chapters can be found at the ECHA website.

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