Our team

Our Team

Our philosophy is simple. Achieving regulatory compliance through the application of good science, innovative thinking and clarity; ensuring that all submissions are prepared efficiently and to a high standard.
Concy Aciro

Concy Aciro

Senior Consultant

Concy is an experienced toxicologist who provides expert support to our Client's toxicology programmes.  

Concy is the lead toxicologist at Blue Frog, a highly-qualified toxicologist with extensive experience in human risk assessment of industrial chemicals, consumer and personal care products, working as a toxicologist for various large multi-national companies. Over her career Concy been developed a reputation for innovative solutions to complex problems, a skill set in high demand in the current era of regulatory uncertainty.

Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson


Craig, our lead environmental fate scientist at Blue Frog, provides expert advice on the fate and behaviour of plant protection products, biocides and chemicals in the environment.

Craig is an experienced environmental fate scientist and modeller with over 10 years experience in the laboratory.  Over his career Craig has worked with some of the most challenging agrichemicals which has helped develop his invaluable pragmatic approach to solving problems encountered during the conduct of studies and with interpretation of results.

Martin Bowyer

Martin Bowyer

Senior Consultant

Martin leads Blue Frog's activities in the environmental risk assessments for human and veterinary medicinal products.

Martin is a qualified marine biologist, a graduate of the world leading School of Ocean Sciences at Bangor University.  During his career, Martin has gained extensive experience performing GLP-compliant aquatic ecotoxicity studies. He has worked at several contract research organisations, including helping with the set-up of a new testing facility.  Martin additionally gained valuable experience in conducting outdoor mesocosm studies, when working at a renowned UK specialist test facility.

Martin joined Blue Frog after a 6 month sabbatical in South East Asia.  Martin’s primary focus at Blue Frog is the performance of environmental risk assessments for human and veterinary medicinal products, including placing and monitoring full laboratory testing programs and production of environmental risk assessments reports. Additionally, Martin supports environmental risk assessments and dossier preparation of agrochemicals and has particular experience utilising the FOCUS surface water and groundwater modelling tools. 

Sarah Butler MSc PhD

Sarah Butler

Senior Consultant

Highly experienced and qualified ecotoxicologist having worked for both industry and the UK pesticides regulator, Sarah conducts environmental risk assessments for agrochemicals and has a particular interest in bird and mammal risk assessments.

Sarah, or Sefi as she is known, has a diverse and complimentary set of qualifications and experience giving her a unique perspective of the issues and solutions encountered in risk assessments for agrochemicals. Sefi has a BSc in Environmental Science, MSc in toxicology and Ph.D in ecotoxicology carried out working at the world-class Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH). In the laboratory Sefi worked on environmental and plant / animal metabolism studies as well as assisting with ecotoxicology studies.

Her work at the UK HSE / CRD as a regulatory ecotoxicologist and regulatory project manager helped highlight the importance of other areas of the dossier as well as providing a high level view of the regulatory process as a whole. As a risk assessor Sefi has >10 years industrial experience, with 7 of those years working in the regulatory department of one of the largest multi-national agrochemical company in the world. Sefi's career working both as a regulator and in industry gives her a unique insight of the drivers that influence both sides.

Damien Carson

Damien Carson


With >15 years of experience, Damien has a reputation for overcoming chemical hazard and risk obstacles for substances that are difficult to test and assess (e.g. complex mixtures & surfactants).

Damien co-founded Blue Frog Scientific and has worked extensively with Clients to meet their obligations under the EU REACH Regulation.  Damien oversees the regulatory affairs, technical and administrative areas of the Blue Frog Scientific chemicals business, which includes dossier creation & submission, advocacy, consortium management and the provision of Only Representative Services.


Ruth Dawson


Ruth is an experienced regulatory affairs and product stewardship professional. Ruth manages Blue Frog Scientific’s Consortium Management and Only Representative services and provides technical support to Clients.

Ruth has a strong background in chemistry, having worked in industry as a development chemist, where she also engaged in supply chain management and commercial development. She read chemistry at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh before moving to Brussels, Belgium to obtain a Master’s degree in International Business, Economics and Management. Her Master thesis focused on the economic impact of chemical control legislation and product stewardship.


Steven Gaulier

Senior Consultant

Steven has a wide range of expertise within the chemical industry and now focuses on environmental risk assessments, especially the fate and behaviour of agrochemicals.

With a MSc degree in Chemistry, Steven has more than 10 years of experience in the chemical industry, having worked for multi-national companies in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical sectors.

Steven is a skilled risk assessor specialised in fate of agrochemicals in the environment and has successfully worked on Annex 1 Resubmissions, complex Product Renewal programs and also global pesticides projects. Additionally, Steven has experience in meeting and communicating with Member States and National Authorities to advocate technical positions.

With a career spanning in both research and in development, Steven has stirred early stage research projects with a goal of developing candidate molecules into registrable and marketable plant protection products.

Nigel Halsall

Nigel Halsall

Associate Director

An expert in environmental hazard and risk assessment with more than 25 years experience in the agrochemical industry.

Nigel has been working on agrochemical ecological risk assessments for over 25 years, with 15 years experience in the laboratory conducting terrestrial ecotoxicology tests with honey bees, non-target arthropods and soil organisms. Furthermore Nigel is a specialist in higher tier studies, such as field tests with non-target arthropods in arable crops; orchards and citrus groves; field and tunnel tests with honey bees; litter bag tests and field tests with worms and other soil macro-organisms. For more than a decade Nigel has established himself as a leading expert in environmental risk assessment for agrochemicals.

Nigel leads the agrochemical team at Blue Frog, supporting Clients’ registrations for active ingredients and products in the EU.  Nigel is very much “hands on” in his approach, directly getting involved with all aspects, from study design and monitoring to representing the Clients at meetings with regulatory authorities and post submission advocacy.

Tom Hargreaves

Tom Hargreaves


With >20 years of experience, Tom has become a recognised expert in environmental risk assessment and is well known in industry for his pioneering approach, particularly with substances with a poor environmental profile.

A veteran of several CROs and consultancies, Tom is one of the co-founders of Blue Frog. Tom believes that the basis of a reliable risk assessment is a blend of science, maths, lateral thinking and creativity.


Tess Marczewski-Newman

Regulatory Scientist

Tess is a regulatory scientist currently working in the chemicals sector of our organization. Tess supports technical projects concerning the registration of substances under the REACH Regulation.

Tess is a graduate in Environment and Development (MSc) from Lancaster University and Environmental Science (BSc) from the University of Brighton. Tess also gained practical experience working as a lab technician in the UK’s long-running Toxic Organic Micro Pollutants Network, for the University of Lancaster in conjunction with DEFRA. Tess is a recent addition to the Blue Frog family and is working to become and scientific and regulatory affairs consultant.


Isla Mathieson

Principal Consultant

Isla has over 20 years of experience assisting companies in the chemicals and polymers sector with their regulatory and development needs.

Isla provides REACH and CLP strategy for EU and in particular non-EU companies; helping them navigate both the detailed and high-level requirements for those employed in regulatory/product stewardship, R&D or management. She manages the technical dossier delivery of new and updating projects and tackles substance identity challenges for ECHA Inquiries or evaluations.

Dr. Kai B. Paul

Kai Paul


Kai is a Consultant within Blue Frog focusing on regulatory affairs and risk assessment of chemicals (REACH), agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicines and statistics.

Kai is an expert in the toxicity of nanoparticles, prior to joining Blue Frog working on the EU funded NanoTEST project, researching the toxicity and distribution of nanoparticles in a model placental cell line at the Bristol Initiative for Research of Child Health.  Kai’s Ph.D, funded by the US-EPA and NERC, focused on the environmental impact of nanomaterials using the model organism Daphnia magna. The aim of the work is to establish common themes in nanomaterial fate, both biologically and within the environment, and their associated toxicity. The aim of the research was to provide a basis for the development of specific risk assessment procedures for nanoparticles.


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